USD 355 Bond Issue Information

This page will host information related to the upcoming USD 355 Bond Election/Issue.  Please refer to the documents below for additional details about the process and project.  Updates will be provided on a regular basis throughout the district (social media, community forum, and other outlets).  Specific questions about any aspect of the initiative can be sent to .  The district looks forward to working with the community on these important topics!


Facility Improvements/Projects:  1.  New Secure Entries at Ellinwood Grade School and Ellinwood Middle/High School
(Purpose of the Bond Issue)             2.  New Exterior Windows and Doors at Ellinwood Grade School
                                                                            3.  New Roofs on all of Ellinwood Middle/High School and Ellinwood Grade School Library
                                                                            4.  HVAC Renovation at Ellinwood Middle/High School (replacement of rooftop units and install of a new system in the two story
                                                                                  library/science wing area-includes electrical upgrades)

Total Cost of Facility Improvements:  $8,500,000
(Total Cost of Bond Issue)

Financing Period:  15 Years

Estimated Mill Levy:  19.5 Mills

Election:  November 5th, 2024 (Tuesday-Date of General Election)

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Bond Issue Documents