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USD 355 Patrons:

posted Jan 29, 2019, 7:08 AM by Ryan Koetter

This notification is meant to address our accident reporting practices involving all USD 355 school activities.  Coaches and sponsors have access to complete ‘Accident Report’ forms used in the case that a student involved in an activity suffers an injury while participating in a school practice, event, trip, etc.  The parents/guardians of ‘said’ student also hold responsibility in reporting these accidents to the coaches and sponsors, especially in the instance that a doctor or hospital visit may follow.  Healthcare providers have the right to refuse service without the requisite information being submitted in advance or potentially assessing a fee at the time of visit dependent upon one’s insurance provider.  The school is able to supply forms required by many healthcare providers to take to your visit, but we must have the ‘Accident Report’ forms to complete the necessary materials.  It is imperative you notify the school if an accident occurs involving a USD 355 activity and you are planning to take your child to see a healthcare provider (doctor, hospital, orthopedic clinic, etc.) BEFORE the visit occurs so that the official 'Accident Report Form' may be completed by school personnel and given to the appropriate parties.  It is our hope to eliminate any communication or processing issues regarding future occurrences.